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MTECB-ISO : Solid carbide internal threading endmill with coolant hole, used for ISO thread profile.(-)Solid Carbide Internal Threading Endmills with Coolant Hole for ISO Thread Profile(+)
Application: General engineering
Application: General engineering
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  Designation  GIFUT5TP  M CoarseM Fine DCONMS DC NOF  APMX OAL Shank  THFT CCMS COATP CSP  FTDZ FTDZ_2 FTDZ_3 FTDZX FTDZX_2 GRDMFG HAND LU TPI  TTP ApplMat StaSteelCastIronHardMa SupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicGrade  Click on Grade No. for Cutting Speed
  MTECB 2018D58 3.0ISO    03.000M24=>2520.0018.00458.50120.00CM60~ZYL01R2000h$06~~1~M24x3~-~-~-~-~IC908 ~R~58.50~-~INT~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~TiAlN ~5605393 1IC908 

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