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HSK A-WH-ASHN-45 : Square shank tool adapters with HSK exchangeable shanks for 45° mounting on turn-mill machines (right-or-left hand tools can be used).(-)Square Shank Tool Adapters with HSK Exchangeable Shanks for 45° Mounting on Turn-Mill Machines(+)
Right-hand shown
Right-hand shown
 100 BAR (1450 PSI) MAX.
  HSK A63WH ASHN 25 45      063.0025.025.0110.0072.0030.00142.00~N~1~14505046 Not suitable for ATC (automatic tool changer) on some multi-tasking machine models, please consult your MTB 0
  HSK A100WH ASHN 32 45*    0100.0032.032.0145.00100.0035.00~N~1~13396222 0
A cooling tube must be used with all coolant through HSK spindles (should be ordered separately)
For using left-hand toolholder, the position of the clamping spacer must be changed
Complies with ICTM standard (ISO 12164-3)
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