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AOMT/AOGT : Inserts for DR drills with DT chipformer, for general applications at medium-to-high feed rates and HD chipformer for carbon steel and soft materials.(-)Inserts for DR Drills(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5L S RE CBMD Mod INSL ISYC CEDC SC Ins. ftrISCTMP ClssID GRDMFG GTC IIC LOGH LOGL LOGW ApplMat StaSteelCastIronHardMa NFMetalsSupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
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  AOGT 040204-90AL    04.001.600.40AL~HM200~5.00201-04~2~L~T~~0.00~71DD68D91938A~IC08 ~NSCDRL_SD~IS$$215341778819530~0.00~0.00~0.00~    Non Ferrous Metals~ Carbide~Uncoated ~3329222 1IC08 
  AOMT 040204-90DT    04.001.600.40DT~HM200~5.00201-04~2~L~T~~0.00~71DD68D91938A~IC1008~NSCDRL_SD~IS$$215341778819530~0.00~0.00~0.00~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Non Ferrous Metals~Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~TiAlN ~5507955 3IC1008 IC808 IC908 
  AOMT 040204-90HD      04.001.600.40HD~HM200~5.00201-04~2~L~T~~0.00~71DD68D91938A~IC808 ~NSCDRL_SD~IS$$215341778819530~0.00~0.00~0.00~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~ Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~TiAlN+AlTiN+TiN ~3301630 For low carbon steel and soft materials. 1IC808 
Used on 12-13.5 mm DR drills

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