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EFS-E44 : Combination of roughing and finishing solid carbide endmill in a single tool. 4 variable pitch flutes, 38° Helix, medium length. Provides finish surface at rough machining parameters. Reduces vibrations at high load applications.(-)Combination of Roughing and Finishing Solid Carbide Endmills with Variable Pitch for CHATTERFREE Milling(+)
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  Designation  GIFUT5DC DCONMS APMX OAL NOF  FHA RMPX°  Shank  Ch fz
MINI CHW L group DCX  CCMS COATP CSP  GRDMFG HAND KAPR  KCH LU RE ZEFF ApplMat StaSteelCastIronHardMa SupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicGrade  Click on Grade No. for Cutting Speed
  EFS-E44 14-30C14CF83    014.0014.0030.0083.00438.05.0C0.50~0.040.11-~0.50Medium length~14.00~ZYL01G1400h$06~~0~IC900 ~R~90.0~45.0-~~4~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~AlTiN ~5622704 1IC900 
Minimum width of cut for semi-finishing operation >= 0.05 x DC

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