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ADKW (CBN) : Single corner R.H. inserts with an IB85 PCBN brazed tip insert, for machining hardened and cast steel with over 45 HRc, grey and nodular cast iron, powder compacted and sintered metals and heat resistant alloys.(-)Single Corner R.H. Inserts with an IB85 PCBN Brazed Tip for Machining Hard Materials(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5W1 INSL S BS APMX Fig. fz
RE CEDC HAND SC AN CBMD CNC COATP D1 GRDMFG IFS L LE NIS SSC  WEP CastIronHardMa SupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicGrade  Click on Grade No. for Cutting Speed
  ADKW 1505 PDER    09.6016.185.831.452.0020.100.250.80~1~R~A~15.0~-~2~~~IB85 ~3~16.18~2.00~1~15~0~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Superalloys and titanium~PCBN~Uncoated ~5605935 1IB85 
  ADKW 1505 PDTR    09.6016.185.831.452.0010.100.250.80~1~R~A~15.0~-~2~~~IB85 ~3~16.18~2.00~1~15~0~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Superalloys and titanium~PCBN~Uncoated ~5605934 1IB85 
Inserts are supplied with spare screws.
For D.O.C and cutting speed data, see More Info

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