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HM90 ADCT 1505PDR-CF : Inserts with 2 different cutting edge configurations. Designed for chatter dampening. Most effective in long overhang and non-rigid workpiece clamping systems.(-)Inserts with 2 Different Cutting Edge Configurations Designed for Chatter Dampening(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5W1 INSL APMX S RE BS fz
CEDC HAND SC AN CBMD CNC COATP D1 GRDMFG IFS L LE NIS SSC  WEP ApplMat StaSteelSupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicGrade  Click on Grade No. for Cutting Speed
  HM90 ADCT 1505PDR-CF    09.3015.7014.006.400.804.200.080.152~R~A~15.0~CF~2~~~IC830 ~3~15.70~14.00~1~15~0~Steel~Stainless Steel~Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~AlTiN+TiN ~5606698 1IC830 

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