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EPX : Solid carbide endmill with right- and left-hand helix flutes enables changing direction at mid cutting height for machining laminated stock of different types of composite materials.(-)Solid Carbide Endmills with Right-and Left-Hand Helix Flutes Enables Changing Direction at Mid Cutting Height(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5DC DCONMS APMX APMX_2 OAL NOF  FHA Shank  fz
L group CCMS COATP CSP  GRDMFG HAND KAPR  LU RE RMPX°  ZEFF NFMetalsCutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicGrade  Click on Grade No. for Cutting Speed
  EPX-F6 06-12C06F57    06.006.0012.005.3057.00630.0C0.020.06Medium length~ZYL01F6000h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~5.0~6~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622866 1IC02 
  EPX-F6 08-16C08F63    08.008.0016.006.6063.00630.0C0.020.06Medium length~ZYL01F8000h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~5.0~6~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622870 1IC02 
  EPX-F6 10-20C10F72    010.0010.0020.008.7072.00630.0C0.020.06Medium length~ZYL01G1000h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~5.0~6~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622875 1IC02 
  EPX-F8 12-24C12F83    012.0012.0024.0010.6083.00830.0C0.020.06Medium length~ZYL01G1200h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~5.0~8~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622876 1IC02 
Important: For best results, the intersection of the alternating flute directions (APMX_2) should be positioned in the middle of the workpiece height
Coated tools available on request

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