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EPNC : Solid carbide endmill with special cutting edges, for machining different types of composite materials at high stock removal rates. Enables application of high feed and speed due to excellent chip and heat disposal.(-)Solid Carbide Endmill with Special Cutting Edges, for Machining Different Types of Composite Materials(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5DC DCONMS APMX OAL NOF  RMPX°  Shank  fz
Ch DCX  CCMS COATP CSP  GRDMFG HAND KAPR  LU RE ZEFF NFMetalsCutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicGrade  Click on Grade No. for Cutting Speed
  EPNC-C10 08-25C08F63    08.008.0025.0063.00105.0C0.020.08~8.00~ZYL01F8000h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~10~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622851 1IC02 
  EPNC-C10 10-25C10F72    010.0010.0025.0072.00105.0C0.020.08~10.00~ZYL01G1000h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~10~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622852 1IC02 
  EPNC-C10 12-25C12F83    012.0012.0025.0083.00105.0C0.020.08~12.00~ZYL01G1200h$06~~0~IC02 ~R~90.0~-~0.00~10~Non Ferrous Metals~Carbide~Uncoated ~5622855 1IC02 

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