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CGHN 26-M : Internal grooving and turning blades, for Dmin 70 mm, Tmax 18.7 mm.(-)Internal Grooving and Turning Blades for GHIC...-70 Bars(+)
Related tools for : GIPA 4.00-2.00-D
  CGHN 26-3M    02.804.002.4070.0040.013.546.520.021.463.0026.0N~4.00~~2800590 0
  CGHN 26-4M    03.604.503.2070.0040.013.546.520.021.463.0026.0N~4.50~~2800591 0
Grooving depth (CDX) varies in conformance with blade's overhang (WFN-WFX and OHN-OHX) and depends on the bore diameter (D)
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CGHN 26...-M can be modified from external double-sided CGHN blades
When TIP inserts are used, the seat needs to be modified to ensure clearance

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