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HSK A-SRKIN-CX : Thermal shrink chucks with HSK DIN69893 Form A tapered shank and jet coolant grooves along the shank bore. Suitable for solid carbide, HSS and steel tools with h6 tolerance(-)Thermal Shrink Chucks with HSK DIN69893 Form A Tapered Shank and Jet Coolant Grooves along the Shank Bore(+)
Related holders for : H690 E90AX D32-4-C32-10
A cooling tube must be used with all coolant through HSK spindles (to be ordered separately)
Use only inductive heating device for SRKIN holders
For solid carbide, HSS and steel tools.
For shank dimensions and shrink units information, Click on "More Info"
ISCAR cannot guarantee an unbalance value less than 1 gr x mm
Preset screw CX allows supply of coolant via JET channels - do not remove

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