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JHP ELBOW : High-pressure adaptation elbow
 340 BAR (4900 PSI) MAX.
  JHP ELBOW TUB3/16-5/16UNF      0-3.105/16"-24 UNF4.0012.7-~3344976 For connection to a simple 3/16" stainless or copper tube (for assembly click on the item, then "More Info") 0
  JHP ELBOW 90-5/16-7/16UNF    07/16"-20 UNF4.405/16"-24 UNF4.0012.7Main Spindle~3337830 0
  JHP ELBOW 90-G1/8-7/16UNF    07/16"-20 UNF4.401/8"-28 BSPP4.0015.9-~3337829 0

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