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DGAQ : Parting and grooving square adapters carrying DO-GRIP inserts
  DGAQ D52-2-2Z    050.0050.001.902.501.7243.552.0DGN 20N~IMC10C0520$$$$~3384859 0
  DGAQ D52-3-2Z    050.0050. 30N~IMC10C0520$$$$~3384856 0
  DGAQ D52-4-2Z    050.0050. 40N~IMC10C0520$$$$~3384864 0
  DGAQ D82-3-2Z    064.4064.403.003.182.5058.082.0DGN 30N~IMC10C0820$$$$~3384857 0
  DGAQ D82-4-2Z    064.4064.404.004.003.2058.082.0DGN 40N~IMC10C0820$$$$~3384861 0
  DGAQ D82-5-2Z    064.4064.405.005.004.0058.082.0DGN 50N~IMC10C0820$$$$~3384865 0
  DGAQ D120-4-4Z    090.5090.504.004.003.2084.0120.0DGN 40N~IMC10C1200$$$$~3384860 0
  DGAQ D120-5-4Z    090.5090.505.005.004.0084.0120.0DGN 50N~IMC10C1200$$$$~3384863 0
When using 2 and 3mm double-sided inserts, the depth of cut is limited up to 19mm. For larger depth, use a DGNM type single-ended insert.

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