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DGFS : Blades for multi-spindle machines - replacement for HSS and brazed tools, using double-ended inserts.(-)Blades for Multi-Spindle Machines, Replacement for HSS and Brazed Tools(+)
  DGFS 0-12-2      012.71.902.5032.01.603.2110.0032.00N~2.50~~2301406 Toolholder assembly X18-1,46,47-WT,160-CL,354-CL,701-ACL,702,702-CL,703,703-CL,704,704-CL,6921,6925 0
  DGFS 0-17-2      017.41.902.5035.01.603.2110.0032.00N~2.50~~2394326 Toolholder assembly E-7,47,102-CL,103-CL,161-A-CL,162-A-CL 0
  DGFS 0-17-3 Toolholder assembly E-7,47,102-CL,103-CL,161-A-CL,162-A-CL 0
  DGFS 5-17-2      017.41.902.5035.01.603.2110.0032.05N~2.50~~2398467 Toolholder assembly 226,226-CL,275,275-CL,276-CL,361-CL,431,630,707-A,707-A-CL 0
  DGFS 5-17-3 Toolholder assembly 226,226-CL,275,275-CL,276-CL,361-CL,431,630,707-A,707-A-CL 0
  DGFS 5-17-4 Toolholder assembly 226,226-CL,275,275-CL,276-CL,361-CL,431,630,707-A,707-A-CL 0
  DGFS 5-22-2      022.21.902.5050.01.603.2150.0032.05N~2.50~~2301410 Toolholder assembly 100-CL,274,277,277-CL,274-CL,370,383-CL, 6722,6754,6755,6854,6855,6922,51,51-CL,353-CL,167,370-CL 0
  DGFS 5-22-3 Toolholder assembly 100-CL,274,277,277-CL,274-CL,370,383-CL, 6722,6754,6755,6854,6855,51,51-CL,353-CL,167,370-CL 0
  DGFS 5-22-4 Toolholder assembly 100-CL,274,277,277-CL,274-CL,370,383-CL, 6722,6754,6755,6854,6855,51,51-CL,353-CL,167,370-CL 0
  DGFS 5-24-3 0
  DGFS 5-28-2      028.51.902.5065.01.603.2150.0032.05N~2.50~~2301412 Toolholder assembly 278,278-CL,279,279-CL,280,280-CL,281,281-CL,375-CL,359-CL,372-CL,A6120,52,52-CL 0
  DGFS 5-28-4 Toolholder assembly 278,278-CL,279,279-CL,280,280-CL,281,281-CL,375-CL,359-CL,372-CL,A6120,52,52-CL 0
DG..1.0 insert can be mounted into pocket sizes 2 and 3. in which case the pocket width has to be modified -click on "More Info".

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