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DNMG-GN : Double-sided 55° rhombic inserts, secure cutting edge, for medium- and semi-roughing on steel and cast iron.(-)Double-Sided 55° Rhombic Inserts for General Applications(+)
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  Designation  GIFUT5L IC S RE ft
APMX CBMD AN CEDC SC CNC GRDMFG IFS INSI INST NIS Utility WEP ApplMat StaSteelCastIronHardMa SupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
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  DNMG 150408-GN    015.5012.704.760.800. Steel~Cast Iron~ Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~AlTiN+TiN ~5568614 6IC830 IC9350 IC8250 IC9250 IC8150 IC9150 
  DNMG 150412-GN    015.5012.704.761.200.180.431.505.00GN~0.0~4~D~4~IC5010~2~433-GN~DNMG~2~~0~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~ Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~AlTiN+TiN ~5508752 7IC830 IC8350 IC9350 IC8250 IC8150 IC9150 IC5010 
  DNMG 150608-GN    015.5012.706.350.800.180.381.004.00GN~0.0~4~D~4~IC20N ~2~442-GN~DNMG~2~U~0~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~AlTiN+TiN ~5550331 10IC830 IC8350 IC9350 IC8250 IC9250 IC8150 IC9150 IC20N IC428 
  DNMG 150612-GN    015.5012.706.351.200.180.431.505.00GN~0.0~4~D~4~IC428 ~2~443-GN~DNMG~2~U~0~Steel~Stainless Steel~Cast Iron~Hard Materials~Superalloys and titanium~Carbide~AlTiN+TiN ~5591766 8IC830 IC9350 IC8250 IC9250 IC8150 IC9150 IC428 IC5005 
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