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DCMT/DCGT-SM : 55° rhombic 7° positive flank inserts used for semi-finishing and finish turning. Chip breaking in moderate feed range. Positive rake, low cutting forces. Used for a wide range of materials including soft and exotic alloys.(-)55° Rhombic Inserts with a 7° Positive Flank for Semi-Finishing and Finish Turning on Soft Materials and Exotic Alloys(+)
Alternative For : DCMT 11T308-SM , IC807

Catalog NoDesignationGradeRemarksAlternateDesc
3356016DCGT 11T301-PFIC9080
3356017DCGT 11T302-PFIC9080
3356018DCGT 11T304-PFIC9080
3356019DCGT 11T308-PFIC9080
5504875DCMT 11T308-SMIC9070
5595051DCMT 11T304-PFIC9070
5595131DCMT 11T308-PFIC9070
5598832DCMT 11T302-PFIC9070

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