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MGCH : CHAMGROOVE solid carbide bars for internal grooving, turning and threading, DMIN 8 mm.(-)Solid Carbide Bars for Internal Grooving, Turning and Threading, DMIN 8 mm(+)
  MGCH 06    08.001.506.0062.0016.042.04.800.504.000N~GIQR 84.00~2800929 0
  MGCH 06C    08.001.506.0062.0016.042.04.800.504.001N~GIQR 84.00~2801658 0
  MGCH 06-L100    08.001.506.00100.0016.080.04.800.504.000N~GIQR 84.00~2896661 0
  MGCH 08    08.0076.0020.056.00.505.000N~GIQR 115.00~2800931 0
  MGCH 08C    08.0076.0020.056.00.505.001N~GIQR 115.00~2801629 0
  MGCH 08-L125    08.00125.0070.0105.00.505.000N~GIQR 115.00~2896671 0
The same tool applies on right and left machining .

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