Grade : IC418

CVD multilayer coated grade . Used for grooving and milling of grey and nodular cast iron at medium and high cutting speed. Can beused for interrupted cuts and heavy machining.

ISO Range - P/M/K(K10-K25)
ISO Range - N/S/H

Grade or Coating TypeCVD
Coating Layers TiC+Al2O3

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Cutting Speed for: GRIP 5008Y IC418 - 6200192
ISOMaterialMaterial DesignationMaterial ConditionHardnessCutting Speed Recommendations (Vc)
K15Grey cast iron (GG)Pearlitic/ferritic180 HB95-180 m/min
K16Grey cast iron (GG)Pearlitic/martensitic260 HB75-120 m/min
K17Nodular cast iron (GGG)Ferritic160 HB75-140 m/min
K18Nodular cast iron (GGG)Pearlitic250 HB65-125 m/min
K19Malleable cast ironFerritic130 HB90-165 m/min
K20Malleable cast ironPearlitic230 HB70-130 m/min
H38Hardened steelHardened55 HRC20-30 m/min
H39Hardened steelHardened60 HRC20-30 m/min
H40Chilled cast ironCast400 HB20-35 m/min
H41Cast ironHardened55 HRC20-30 m/min

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