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Grade : IC807

A hard submicron grain size substrate with PVD coating and a special SUMOTEC surface treatment. Suitable for machining steels, alloy steels, austenitic stainless steel, high temperature alloys and hard steels at moderate to relatively high cutting speeds under stable conditions. Features high wear resistance and plastic deformation durability.

ISO Range - P/M/K(P10-P30)(M05-M20)(K10-K30)
ISO Range - N/S/H (H05-H15)(S05-S20)

Grade or Coating TypePVD
Coating Layers TiAlN+TiN

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Cutting Speed for: DNMG 110404-F3M IC807 - 5568874
ISOMaterialMaterial DesignationMaterial ConditionHardnessCutting Speed Recommendations (Vc)
M14Stainless steel and cast steelAustenitic, duplex180 HB100-300 m/min

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