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Family Designation: DGFH Double-ended parting and grooving blades carrying DO-GRIP and HELI-GRIP double-ended inserts. Blades with coolant channels are designated with "C".      
Item Designation: DGFH 26C-3
H CWN  CWX  WB WB_2 OAL HF CUTDIA CSP  MIID  HAND APMX GICATGIREMgiic 1~DGNC 3102CN~3.18~2301928 Blades with frontal coolant holes (JET-CUT) @For CUTDIA 50 mm, use single-ended insert (should be modified by the user)0
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2301928 1030<a href="javascript:OpenDxf('2301928', 'DGFH 26C-3' , 'IscarDxf' , '2301928-DGFH 26C-3');"><img src="./media/icons/icon_dxf.svg" title="DXF" width="27px" border="0"></a>          <a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STPL&cat=2301928&itemDesc=DGFH 26C-3"><img src="./media/icons/icon_stp.svg" title="STPL" width="27px" border="0" OnClientClick="gtag('event', 'click', {'Download': 'STPL'});"></a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=P&cat=2301928&itemDesc=DGFH 26C-3"><img src="./media/icons/icon_p21.svg" title="P21" width="27px" border="0" OnClientClick="gtag('event', 'click', {'Download': 'P21'});"></a> 
Blades with frontal coolant holes (JET-CUT)
For CUTDIA 50 mm, use single-ended insert (should be modified by the user)
Items Per Package : 1
DG..1.0 insert can be mounted into pocket sizes 2 and 3, in which case the pocket width has to be modified - click on "More Info"
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  Spare Parts
7001924EDG 23A
(Optional, should be ordered separately)
4300255SGC 340Sealing screw
4300435SGCU 341
(Optional, should be ordered separately)
Cooling tube
7001006CGF 343
(Optional, should be ordered separately)
4300254CF 343
(Optional, should be ordered separately)
7004585CGM 343
(Optional, should be ordered separately)

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