ISCAR Cutting Tools - Metal Working Tools - ER : 3101794 - ER D08A16-2-C16-08
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Family Designation: ER Endmills with round inserts for profiling and milling round corners (ROUNDMILL).      
Item Designation: ER D08A16-2-C16-08
DCX  DC IC BD CICT  LH DCONMS Shank  RMPX°  BHTA OAL LU Type MIID  APMX HAND CCMS CSP  KAPR  ZEFF GICATGIREMgiic 08020.164.00~R~ZYL01G1600h$06~0~0.0~2~3101794 0
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  Spare Parts
7000891SR 14-560/S M2.5X0.45Torx screw
Recommended tightening torque:1.2 N*m
7000274T-8/53Torx hand driver
For limiting torque, use optional 7007379 BLD 4 T08-1.2NM blade & 7007319 HSD 4-1.2NM handle.

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