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NPA 08/2017


Expansion of the T-SLOT Slotting and Groove Milling Cutters


ISCAR is expanding the T-SLOT family of slot milling cutters with:
  • New 50 mm grooving heads featuring 4-12 mm widths and 12 effective teeth
  • New 7-10 mm widths for the 40 mm head diameters
  • Shanks with a new SP19 spline connection size for 50 mm grooving heads
  • New adapters for mounting SP13, SP17 and SP19 solid head connection sizes to the wide range of MULTI-MASTER shanks

  • All the new items were designed for an extended width range for highly productive narrow slot grooves on various workpiece materials
  • New SP19 spline connection for the 50 mm diameter solid carbide milling head
  • The expanded range of 32, 40 and 50 mm diameter milling heads with 8,10 and 12 effective teeth and a width range of 1 to 12 mm
  • Solid heads clamped onto the shanks with a central screw

The maximum depth of machined slots are:
SD D50…SP19 cutters, 15 mm
SD D40…SP17 cutters, 11 mm
SD D40…SP13 cutters, 13 mm
SD D32…SP15 cutters, 8 mm
SD D32…SP11 cutters, 10 mm

The new solid heads enable machining slots and grooves up to 12 mm width by one pass and extend the grooving depth up to 15 mm.

The tungsten carbide shanks provide an effective means of improved rigidity and the dynamic behavior of the operation, an important factor for productive milling of slots and grooves in unstable conditions (long overhang, poor workpiece clamping, etc.).

Cutting Data
Attached is a table that provides recommended preliminary cutting data.

Interchangeable Solid Carbide T-Slot Milling Heads
1) Maximum feed: 0.1 mm/tooth

Table - Starting Cutting Data for SD-SP13, SP15, SP17, SP19
* ISCAR material grpoup in accordance with VDI 3323 standard
** Quenched and tempered
When machining in unstable conditions, the table values should be reduced by 20-30%.

Stepped Cylindrical Shanks for Interchangeable Solid Carbide T-Slot Milling Heads
• Apply lubricant to the clamping screw
(1) S-steel C-solid carbide

Adapters for Connecting SD Solid Carbide T-Slot Milling Heads and MULTI-MASTER Shanks
• Do not apply lubricant to the MULTI-MASTER threaded connection
• Apply lubricant to the slotting head clamping screw
(1) Clamping wrench size

* Optional, should be ordered separately
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