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Chipbreakers Selection

Problematic and Specific Materials
  • First choice in grooving of problematic, soft & gummy materials
  • Very low to medium feeds (from 0.05 mm/rev)
  • Both precision ground and utility inserts
  • Option for turning
  • Width range:
    External: 3 - 8 mm
    Internal: 3 - 5 mm

  • Unique chipbreaker with splitter Chips are split into 3 Segments
  • Efficient for problematic, soft & gummy materials
  • Option for light turning
  • Width - 8 mm

  • First choice for machining cast Iron
  • Peripheral 15° T-land on a flat top
  • Exerts high cutting forces, therefore suitable for stable conditions
  • Precision ground inserts only
  • Width range:
    External: 3 - 8 mm

  • First choice for machining aluminum
  • High positive rake
  • Peripheral ground and polished top rake with a very sharp edge
  • Suitable also for finish operations on titanium and heat resistant alloys
  • Width range:
    External: 3 - 8 mm

  • Unique chipformer for heavy-duty grooving
  • Very wide chipbreaking range on carbon and alloy steel
  • Width range 14 & 17 mm