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NPA 22/2018


A Smart and Highly Efficient Indexable Solution for Small-Size Tools Carrying Triangular Inserts

ISCAR is expanding the milling line by introducing a new family of very small-size indexable 90° cutters in a diameter range of 8-10 mm, carrying triangular inserts.

The new NANMILL family has been designed for applications that usually utilize solid carbide endmills. When compared with solid carbide endmills, the new family provides a significant costbenefit option due to the advantages of indexable tools.

The NANMILL indexable endmill carries more than one insert and is the smallest of its type in the market today.

NANMILL tools will provide an attractive solution for manufacturers of small-size and miniature parts and compact components, in a variety of industries.

The new HM390 ETP …-04 endmills carry HM390 TPKR 0401-PCTR inserts.

Cutter Features
  • 90º cutting edge angle
  • Advanced design reduces cutting forces and enables smooth cutting
  • Ramping down ability
  • Cutter body has a special protective single-layer hard touch coating for uninterrupted chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear
  • Available in diameters 8 and 10 mm
  • 3 mm maximum depth of cut

Insert Features
  • Single-sided triangular inserts
  • Features positive radial and axial cutting geometry on the tool
  • Wiper flat for high surface finish
  • Produced from ISCAR’s latest SUMO TEC carbide grades, which significantly increase productivity

Design Features
The key element of the cutter design is a method of clamping inserts with no falling parts. The new tools feature a unique rigid screw head wedge clamping method that does not require screw removal for insert indexing, which is very important for such small elements. As the insert is very small, placing it in the pocket is done by a key with a magnetic boss on the key handle.

The new NANMILL family provides a viable economical alternative to the commonly used 8-10 mm diameter solid carbide endmills used for milling small-size surfaces.

Most competitive indexable solutions in this diameter range feature less teeth, which reflects directly on their productivity and operational stability.

NANMILL milling cutter HM390 ETP …-04 of 8 mm diameter could be the smallest indexable tool with multiple inserts in the market today.

Application Range
D.O.C. vs. Feed

Overhang = 1.5xD

ae (% D)
fz=0.06 mm/tooth
fz=0.08 mm/tooth
fz=0.10 mm/tooth

HM390 ETP-04
90° Small Diameter Endmills Carrying HM390 TPKR 0401 Triangular Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges
• Tightening torque 0.45 Nxm
(1) Number of inserts
(2) C-Cylindrical, W-Weldon
(3) Ramping angle maximum

HM390 ETP-MM-04
90° Endmills with a MULTI-MASTER Threaded Adaptation Carrying HM390 TPKR 0401... Triangular Inserts
• Insert tightening torque 0.45 N*m
(1) Number of inserts
(2) Key flat size
(3) Ramping angle maximum

HM390 TPKR 0401
Triangular Miniature Inserts with 3 Helical Cutting Edges for 90° Shoulder Milling

The NPA22-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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