NPA 39/2017


New Runout Compensation Rings for BAYO T-REAM Reamers


ISCAR has developed a series of runout adjustment devices for BAYO T-REAM Reamer holders.

TheRM-BN-RC-RINGadjustment rings for BAYO T-REAM holders have been designed to reduce runout caused by the machine spindle, holder weight (in horizontal applications) or long overhang. By reducing the runout, theRM-BN-RC-RINGadjustment rings improve hole roundness, straightness and surface quality. Low runout, especially in high cutting conditions, provides higher process stability and prolongs tool life. Advantages and Benefits
  • Easy, user-friendly adjustment
  • Suitable for standard 3D, 5D & 8D RM-BNT holders
  • Improved process control and tool life

Maximum Runout Correction Values of Each Standard BAYO T-REAM Holder

Thecompensation rangefor theRM-BN-RC-RINGadjustment ring iswithin 0.02-0.09 mm.

For special holders, the maximum possible runout can be calculated according to the following formula:
A (mm) (Max runout correction) L1 neck overhang + insert length) x 0.0006

Note: Maximum allowed runout correction value i 0.09(mm).

For example: if the L1 is 200 mm, the calculated runout value for correction is 0.12 mm (180x0.0006=0.12 mm) but the actual possible runout correction value is limited to 0.09 mm.
A correction higher than 0.09 mm will cause the insert to touch the hole surface with its back taper.

Runout Correction Process

Mount the adjustment ring on the shank and slightly tighten the screws to prevent the ring from slipping down.

Step 1
Rotate tool to minimum runout

Step 2
Rotate tool to maximum runout

Step 3
Rotate sleeve so that the screw with “|” mark is opposite to maximum runout

Step 4
Tighten the screw with “|” mark to the middle point between the found min. and max. points

Step 5
Re-check runout. If runout still exists perpendicular to the adjusted plane, refer to Step 6

Step 6
Repeat steps 1-4 by using either screws marked “||” or “|||”

Step 7
Re-check runout

After completing the adjustment process, slightly tighten the screw / screws that were not involved in the process to prevent them from unscrewing during the reaming operation.

(1) Reamer bayonet size (2) RM-BNT reamer holder shank size

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