NPA 04/2018


New Grade IC5500 for Steel Drilling

ISCAR is launching IC5500 - a new MTCVD grade for drilling carbon and alloyed steel (ISO P)

The new grade features a new substrate and a new coating.
The new multi-layer and special post-coating treatment substantially prolongs tool life and strengthens insert toughness, improving operational reliability.

The new grade will be available on square inserts that are used on DR drills:
3340386 SOMX 060304-DT IC5500
3340385 SOMX 070305-DT IC5500
3340384 SOMT 09T306-DT IC5500

The inserts made from IC5500 are aimed to be used only in the outer pocket of DR drills (the inner insert should be an IC908 or IC808 PVD coated insert).

New IC5500 MTCVD Coating Features

Post coating treatment
Alpha Alumina
Intermediate layer
TiCN layer
Adhesion layer
Total Thickness
Reduces residual stresses and improves chipping resistance
Reduces crater wear and improves chipping resistance. Thick Al2O3 improves thermal cracks resistance
Enhances the adhesion between Al2O3 layer and TiCN layer in the bonding area, improving peeling resistance
Improves flank wear resistance
Enhances the adhesion with the substrate, preventing peeling during machining
Improved matching between coating and substrate
Improves toughness and wear resistance
Features and Benefits
  1. Coating:
    A new upgraded MTCVD coating:
    Improved toughness, chipping resistance and thermal cracks resistance
  2. Post coating treatment:
    Improved toughness and chipping resistance
  3. Combination of new coating and new treatment:
    Better performance and process reliability

Test Report
Tool: DR026-104-32-09-4D-N
Inserts: SOMT09T306-DT
Material: SAE 4340 28HRc
Cutting Speed: 160 m/min
Feed: 0.18 mm/rev

No. of Holes

Test Report
Tool: DR026-104-32-09-4D-N
Inserts: SOMT09T306-DT
Material: SAE 4340 28HRc
Cutting Speed: 200 m/min
Feed: 0.12 mm/rev

No. of Holes

Test Report
Tool: DR029-058-32-09-2D-N
Inserts: SOMT09T306-DT
Material: AISI1040

Manufactuer Competitor ISCAR - Test1 ISCAR - Test2
Drill   DR029-058-32-09-2D-N DR029-058-32-09-2D-N
Insert   SOMT 09T306-DT SOMT 09T306-DT
Insert Grade   IC908 IC5500
Hole Diameter (mm) 29 29 29
Hole Depth (mm) 48 48 48
Cutting Speed (m/min) 210 210 210
Spindle Speed (rpm) 2.305 2.305 2.305
Feed 0,08 0,08 0,08
Table Feed (mm/min) 184 184 184
Hole per Cutting Edge for a new Corner 700 450 1300
Primary Wear Flank Wear Flank Wear Flank Wear
Surface Quality Good Good Good
Chip Type Tangled Tangled Tangled
Reason for Stopping the Test Wear Wear Wear
No. of Corners Tested 4 4 4
Needed Surface Quality (Ra/Rz)      
Metal Removal Rate (cm3/min) 121,8 121,8 121,8

Cutting Recommendations for Grade IC5500

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