NPA 12/2018

Gear Milling

New Gear Milling Solutions

ISCAR introduces new solutions for gear milling based on solid carbide milling heads and cutters carrying tangentially clamped inserts.

1. T-GEAR Milling Solid Carbide Heads with T-SLOT Spline Connection
ISCAR is expanding the application options of T-SLOT slot milling cutters with replaceable solid carbide heads by adding new T-GEAR heads that have been designed for gear milling.

The new heads are designated as SD D32-M…-SP15, and have been designed for milling involute gears that meet the requirements of standard DIN 3972, with a basic profile II for finishing and a module range of 1.00 - 2.00 mm.

The new heads feature a nominal diameter of 32 mm with 8 teeth to be mounted on standard T-SLOT SD shanks with SP15 spline connection size.

The new heads enable efficient high-performance involute side milling, increasing the versatility of the T-SLOT tool family.

Designation key code
SD D32-M ☐.☐ ☐-NO ☐-SP15-☐ ☐ ☐
D32 – Nominal head diameter in mm
M ☐.☐ ☐ – Module size in mm
NO ☐ – Cutter No.
Each module consists of 8 SD heads set according to the number of gear teeth.

Cutter No.Gear teeth range

SP15 – Spline connection size
☐ ☐ ☐ - Head carbide grade

MODUGEAR Tool for Gear Milling Applications
Iscar introduces another solution for gear milling applications, providing a tool with tangentially clamped indexable inserts.

The new ETS D63-M1-1.75-W25-C disk type tool features a Weldon shank and coolant channels directed to each of the cutting edges. It carries 10 tangentially clamped inserts that can be used for a 1.00 to 1.75 mm gear module range.

The LNET 18-M1.50-NO3-C IC908 insert has been designed for milling involute gear teeth according to standard DIN 3972 basic profile II, with 1.5 mm module and 17-20 tooth range.

Note: Other cutter diameters with alternative connection options (shank or arbor-types) or insert profiles within the mentioned module range can be provided on request.

Cutting data
The attached table provides starting cutting recommendations data. For machining in unstable conditions, the table values should be reduced by 20-30%.

Interchangeable Solid Carbide Heads for Involute Gear Profile Milling According to DIN 3972 Basic Profile
• Tightening torque 4 Nxm
(1) Gear teeth range
(2) Number of cutting edges

Stepped Cylindrical Shanks for Interchangeable Solid Carbide Milling Heads
• Apply lubricant to the clamping screw
(1) S-steel C-solid carbide

Adapters for Connecting SD Solid Carbide T-Slot Milling Heads and MULTI-MASTER Shanks
• Note: Apply lubricant to the MULTI-MASTER threaded connection and to the slotting head clamping screw
(1) Clamping wrench size

* Optional, should be ordered separately

Indexable Inserts for Involute Gear Profile Milling According to DIN 3972 Basic Profile
• Other gear profiles within module 1.0-1.75 mm range can be provided on request
(1) Gear teeth range

ETS Gear Mill
Tools for Milling Gear Profile Carrying Tangentially Clamped Inserts
• Other tool diameters with alternative connection options (shank or arbor-type) can be provided on request
(1) Number of inserts

Table - Averaged Cutting Data for SD D32-M…-SP15

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