NPA 14/2018

Gear Milling

New 1.5XD Long Flute MULTI-MASTER Heads

ISCAR introduces new MULTI-MASTER milling heads with 1.5xD Long flutes.

Following long experience with MULTI-MASTER milling heads, ISCAR is expanding their application range by increasing the depth of cut vs. tool diameter ratio from the current 0.7xD to 1.5xD.

The new milling heads have been designed for shoulder roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications with ramping down capability.

The new milling heads are available in 8 to 25 mm diameter range.

MM EC-CF-Z7/9-1.5xD Interchangeable 7-9 flute solid carbide endmill heads with 1.5xD flute lengths, different helix, variable pitch and various corner radii.

MM EC-CF-Z4-1.5xD Interchangeable solid carbide heads with variable pitch and 1.5xD flute lengths for chatter free roughing and finishing operations. High material removal rates.

MM ERS-1.5xD Interchangeable solid carbide rough milling heads with 1.5xD flute lengths, for high metal removal applications.

It is recommended to use the new long flute milling heads with MM S-A (straight shanks) reinforced, Weldon type or SURELOCK shanks with pull-out prevention helical grooves.


MM EC-CF-Z7/9-1.5xD
Interchangeable 7, 9 Flute Solid Carbide Endmill Heads 30° and 45° Helix with 1.5xD Flute Lengths
(1) Number of flutes
(2) Ramping angle maximum

MM EC-CF-Z4-1.5xD
Interchangeable Solid Carbide Endmill Heads with 1.5xD Flute Lengths for Chatter Free Roughing and Finishing
(1) Number of flutes

MM ERS-1.5xD
Interchangeable Solid Carbide Rough Milling Heads with 1.5xD Flute Lengths for High Metal Removal Rates
(1) Number of flutes (2) Ramping angle maximum

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