NPA 11/2017 INCH


New TOP-GRIP Inserts for Machining Cast Iron


ISCAR is introducing the TGMA insert with T-land in the width range of 3-6 mm, suitable for machining cast iron. These new inserts are made from IC5010 SUMO TEC CVD grade.

The frontal and side T-land provide a very strong edge that extends tool life in cast iron applications when compared to the existing TGMF insert.

The combination of the optimized edge geometry and dedicated grade for cast iron, together with the economical advantage of the TOP-GRIP line provides a winning solution when it comes to the performance and price for cast iron grooving applications.

Transmission Pump Housing

Material: Cast Iron SAE J431
Vc = 980 SFM
fg = .0031 IPR

Wear comparison after 150 pcs

TGMF 404 IC428

TGMA 404K IC5010

Utility Double-Ended Inserts for External and Internal Grooving and Turning of Cast Iron

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