NPA 39/2018


    SCD-ACP8N (8xD) Modified Solid Carbide Drills

    ISCAR is introducing the SCD-ACP8N (8xD), a modified line of solid carbide drills featuring improved performance and tool life over the existing SCD drills.

    The new SCD-ACP8N drills have been designed for improved drilling stability due to their optimized cutting edges. A sharp straight cutting edge with precise web thinning generates low cutting forces and excellent self-centering capability for higher hole accuracy. The drill’s large chip gullet with polished flute enables smooth chip evacuation.

    IC908 - a multi-layered PVD coating - provides maximum toughness and increased wear resistance featuring prolonged tool life and high efficiency machining.

    SCD-ACP8N drills are offered in a diameter range of 3.0 mm-10.0 mm (0.1 mm increments) and available in 8xD depth of cut.

    The existing drills, both SCD...ACP & ACG will be phased out and replaced by the new SCD-ACP8N drills when current stock is depleted. Tailor-made SCD…N drills, such as over 12 mm diameters, are available upon request.

    • Optimized cutting edge design for improved drilling stability
    • Low cutting forces and excellent self-centering capability due to the sharp straight cutting edges with precise web thinning
    • Larger chip gullet with polished flute for smooth chip evacuation
    • New multi-layered coating for longer tool life

    Sharp straight edge
    - Low cutting force
    Precise web thinning
    - Excellent self-centering capability
    Polished flute
    - Smooth chip flow
    Existing flute
    Larger flute gullet section
    - Improved chip evacuation
    SCD-ACP8N (8xD)
    Solid Carbide Drills with Coolant Holes, Drilling Depth 8xD

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