NPA 6/2018


New Family of Face Mill Cutters for Extra Fine Surface Finish

ISCAR is introducing a new family of face mill cutters to provide a very high surface finish.

The new HTF D…-R-LN10 cutters carry standard HTP LN…1006 tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting edges.
The high surface quality is attained thanks to a very rigid clamping of the inserts together with the long and straight wiper edge.
In addition, the inserts are positioned in gradual locations on the cutter in both radial and axial directions. This special design causes each insert to cut only a small portion of the material in both radial and axial directions.

The new face milling cutters are available in a diameter range of 50 to 160 mm.

  • Designed for finish milling applictions for extra fine surface quality - up to 0.1 Ra (μm)
  • Carries a tangentially clamped insert with a large wiper effect
  • Each insert corner is located at varying diameter and height
  • Enables machining semi finishing and extra fine milling in a single pass
  • Vibration proof design
  • Reduced setup time, as the wiper effect is achieved without the need to adjust the wiper
  • The standard HTP LN.. 1006 insert that was originally designed for plungers is now used for the new finishing application
  • Coolant holes directed to each and every cutting edge
  • Special protective polished coating on cutter body for uninterrupted chip flow and protection against corrosion and wear

Notes for technologists and CNC programmers
  1. The insert marked 1 defines the nominal diameter of the tool.
  2. The slot 2 on the frontal side of the tool points at the pocket that carries the insert located at the maximum axial protrusion (marked as the largest number). The tool’s axial setup should be done according to this insert.
  3. As the axial displacement between every consecutive insert is 0.05 mm, the maximum depth of cut for each tool can be calculated by multiplying the number of the tool’s teeth by 0.05 mm.
  4. For best surface finish it is highly recommended to operate the cutter at maximal depth of cut.

The superb surface finish is achieved by the axially protruding insert, which serves as a wiper insert. In order to maintain the high quality of surface finish, it is recommended to replace this insert with the next (less protruding) insert after 20 minutes. This rotary insert exchange practice will maximize insert life duration and maintain a constant high surface finish.

Face Mills Carrying Tangentially Clamped Inserts with 4 Cutting Edges for Extra Fine Milling Applications
(1) Number of inserts
(2) For adaptation see page
(3) Item weight

Cutting Recommendations
* ISCAR material group in accordance with VDI 3323 standard
** Quenched and tempered
For machining in unstable conditions, the recommended cutting data should be reduced by 20-30%

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