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NPA 46/2018 INCH


New HELIALU HSM90S-22 Tools for High Speed Milling of Aluminum

  • Milling aluminum at very high cutting speeds for maximum metal removal rates (MRR)
  • The groove at the insert bottom, which fits into a long ridge on the seat, eliminates insert radial displacement due to strong centrifugal forces at high speed milling (HSM)
  • Officially tested and approved for extremely high rotational spindle speeds. For example: 31,000 RPM for 50 mm cutter diameter

demand to increase productivity and boost metal removal rates for milling large aluminum parts for aerospace structural components has led machine tool builders to develop milling machines with a powerful (up to 200 HP) main drive with high spindle speed (up to 33,000 RPM). The present trend is increasing the noted values even more.

To meet this demand, ISCAR has developed the HSM90S family of indexable milling tools, which performs well at extreme cutting conditions.

Following the successful introduction of HSM90-14 tools carrying 14 mm (.551”) inserts, ISCAR is expanding the family’s performance capabilities by introducing new HSM90S-22 tools, which carry larger size inserts that enable up to 22 mm (.866”) depth of cut. The new inserts ensure more effective utilization of modern powerful and high-speed machine tools.

The new family includes 2.0” diameter tools designed for 90° milling of aluminum at very high rotational speeds. The new tools, required mainly by the aerospace industry, can provide the full advantage of most modern machines to maximize metal removal rates and minimize production costs.

The new HSM90S-22 tools have been designed to eliminate insert radial displacement, which might occur due to high centrifugal forces during very high rotational speed. The displacement security mechanism in the seat ensures reliable production for extended machining time in HSM.

The unique insert cutting edge geometry contributes to a soft cut, increases tool life, and enables reaching long milling extension lengths with reduced vibration.

The new HSM90S-22 tools feature internal coolant channels. The tools are available in the following design configuration:
  • Face mills
  • Endmills with integral HSK80FM shanks balanced to 2.5G at 31,000 RPM

  • The new HSM90S-22 tools can perform shoulder milling, full slots, face milling and ramping-down.

    Tool Features
    • Tool insert pocket has a protruding ridge on the seat bottom surface, and the insert bottom has a matching groove which fits into a ridge when assembled. This design facilitates reliable milling at HSM up to 31,000 RPM with 2.0” diameter tools, which is required on most modern, powerful, fast, and efficient machining centers for aerospace parts
    • Large and deep frontal cavity in the face of the tool body contributes to excellent chip evacuation, especially in ramp-down milling
    • Pocket design eliminates axial insert displacement when ramping down
    • Open chip gullet ensures efficient chip evacuation at extreme cutting conditions
    • Symmetrical cutter body design and balancing provide stable cutting in the rotational speed range up to 31,000 RPM
    • Coolant outlets in the tools are directed to the working cutting edge of each mounted insert
    • GOLD ALU - Only for face mill cutters. TiN coating provides high surface hardness, which improves wear resistance and prevents aluminum from sticking to the cutter body

    HSM90S APCR 2207…R-P Insert Features
    • Rhombic shaped insert with 2 helical cutting edges
    • 2-screw clamping security: dual clamping screws prevent insert displacement even at extremely high spindle speeds
    • Peripherally ground, sharp edge, and high positive rake angle features to reduce cutting forces and ensure perfect chip flow
    • Polished rake for uninterrupted chip flow
    • High ramping capability
    • Front wiper for improved bottom surface finish
    • Ensures high 90° shoulder accuracy
    • For rough and semi finishing applications
    • Various standard corner radii, from .031 up to .197”
    • Suitable for powerful milling machines with spindle speed up to 31,000 RPM

    Cutting Recommendations for HSM90S APCR 2207…R-P Inserts
    * ISCAR material group in accordance with VDI 3323 standard
    The above cutting conditions were determined based on high workpiece and machine rigidity, where no vibration occurred.
    If vibrations occur, adjustment should be made according to the machining conditions.
    Vibrations may occur in the following situations:
    Long tool overhang
    Workpiece has poor clamping rigidity
    Machining pocket corner

    • The new HSM90S-22 tools were developed especially for manufacturers of aerospace frame components to achieve extremely high metal removal rates
    • Machining non-ferrous metals (ISO N) that require high rotational speed
    • To be used in milling machines with powerful main drive and high-speed spindles (up to 31,000 RPM), which are widely operated in the aerospace industry, for reaching very high MRR and improved profitability
    • Milling plane surfaces, square shoulders, slots and pockets and pocketing in workpieces from aluminum and other non-ferrous metals
    • In milling on powerful machines, ability to increase MRR by increasing the depth of cut when width of cut is limited due to various factors

    • Very high MRR due to ability of high spindle speeds and high feed speeds
    • Reduced cutting force and power consumption resulting from unique design and high balance quality
    • Specially designed reinforced screws provide high fastening force and ensure safe clamping, which is essential for high spindle speeds
    • Tough and wear resistance sub-micron carbide grade IC08 maintains sharpness of the insert cutting edge during a long period, which contributes greatly to stable machining and increased tool life when milling aluminum at very fast cutting speeds, as well for milling tougher new type of aluminum such as aluminum, lithium alloys
    • HSM90S-22 has a long 22 mm cutting edge that enables an increase in depths of cut, to achieve a higher MMR while milling deeper shoulders, when sufficient spindle power and torque is available
    • An optimal helical positive edge geometry improves performance

    These benefits result in machining cost reduction and reliable, predictable operation for long-term milling processes at extreme conditions.

    Balanced for Safe Operation
    • Whenever using high spindle speeds, the tool and holder should be dynamically balanced according to machine tool supplier’s specifications
    • The entire tool assembly, including inserts mounted in the holder, should be balanced as a single solid part

    Safety Recommendations
    • The insert pocket should be thoroughly cleaned prior to clamping the insert
    • A 80 lbfxin torque should be applied to the clamping screw to secure inserts
    • Replace the clamping screws after each insert change
    • Running the tools beyond maximum recommended RPM values may cause breakage, machine damage and personal injury
    • As the HSM90S APCR 22…insert has sharp cutting edges, always wear protective gloves to avoid injury during handling

    HSM90S APCR 2207
    Super Positive Inserts with a Polished Rake for
    Machining Aluminum at High Rotation Speed
    • When machining at very high cutting speed and replacing the insert, it is also recommended to replace the screws
    (1) Measured on the cutter

    HSM90S FAL-22
    90° Face Mills Carrying Super Positive and Polished Rake
    Inserts for Machining Aluminum at High Rotation Speeds
    • Important: When machining at very high cutting speeds and the insert needs replacing, it is also recommended to replace the screws
    • Insert tightening torque: 9 (Nxm)
    (1) Number of inserts
    (2) For adaptation options, see page
    (3) Ramping angle maximum
    (4) Maximum RPM
    (5) Item weight

    HSM90SFD-HSK A63/80-22
    90° Endills with Integral HSK Adaptation Carrying Super Positive
    Inserts for Machining Aluminum at High Rotation Speeds

    • A cooling tube must be used with all internal coolant HSK spindles (should be ordered separately)
    • Important: When machining at very high cutting speeds and the insert needs replacing, it is also recommended to replace the screws
    • Insert tightening torque: 9 (Nxm)
    (1) Number of inserts
    (2) Ramping angle maximum
    (3) Maximum RPM
    (4) Item weight

    The NPA46 INCH-2018's pdf file: View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)