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NPA 5/2021

The Expansion of the HELISLOT Line Featuring Tools for Smaller Widths of Cut


A new range of indexable slot milling cutters, which provide much higher productivity

Following the successful launch of ISCAR’s slot milling cutters, which mount XNMU 1306 indexable square double sided inserts, a new HELISLOT family of cutters is now introduced.
These cutters mount smaller size inserts, which provide a highly effective solution for machining slots and grooves in a range of widths between 10-14mm.

The new HELISLOT cutters are avialable in a diameter range of 32-60mm in the following design configurations:
- FDN-XN09 shell mill with flange in a diameter range of 80-160mm.
- SDN-XN09 disc type mills with central bore in a diameter range of 80-160mm.
- ETS-XN09 T-slot endmills with Weldon shank in 32mm diameter.

ETS cutters have inner channels for coolant supply directed to each cutting edge, for efficient cooling effects.

The cutters mount advanced square double-sided XNMU 0904 inserts, which feature a unique shape characterized by the following design attributes:
- A durable structure.
- Utilize 8 helical cutting edges (4 right- and left-hand).
- The inserts ensure positive radial rake angles, which demand less power consumption, and ensure smooth cutting action while guaranteeing excellent straightness of the generated slot profile.

The inserts are produced from superlative ISCAR SUMO TEC carbide grades. Due to their 8 indexable cutting edges, the XNMU 0904 inserts provide efficient use of carbide material and an attractive cost solution or price per edge.

The unique patented design of the insert pockets and insert shape results in accurate positioning.
The design of the insert and the pocket shows exact geometric compatability. Convex and concave insert surface assure the insert is firmly clamped in the tool pocket, which significantly improves machining performance. The inserts are mounted in a staggered manner that softens axial forces and contributes to stable cutting even under heavy machining loads and unfavorable conditions.

The new products, which combine an innovative design concept of secure insert mounting, progressive cutting geometry and advantageous carbide grades, represent a step ahead in improving the efficiency of slot milling operations.

Machined Materials
  • Mainly ISO P (steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel) and ISO K (cast iron) groups of application

  • Productivity: high metal removal rates
  • Economy: inserts with 8 helical cutting edges
  • Reliability: high process stability

The new family offers distinct technical advantages in combination with an attractive price per cutting edge.

Cutting data
The table below is intended to help in defining initial feed.
For initial cutting speed refer to ISCAR recommendations regarding carbide grades.
For machining in unstable conditions, the recommended feed per tooth should be reduced by 20-30%.

New products, new advantages

Square Inserts with 4 Right- and 4 Left-Hand Cutting Edges

Full Slot Flange Type Slotting Cutters Carrying XNMU 0904 Square Inserts with 4 Right- and 4 Left-Hand Cutting Edges
(1) Number of inserts
(2) Cutting depth maximum

Full Slot Disk Type Slotting Cutters Carrying XNMU 0904 Square Inserts with 4 Right- and 4 Left-Hand Cutting Edges
1) Number of inserts

T-Slot Endmills Carrying XNMU 0904 Square Inserts with 4 Right- and 4 Left-Hand Cutting Edges
(1) Number of inserts

Starting feed per tooth fz for HeliSlot 09 Slotting mills with inserts XNMU 09…
* Quenched and tempered
** ISCAR material group in accordance with VDI 3323 standard

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