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NPA 31/2021

NEW Solid ER Collets with a FLEXFIT Connection

Solid ER Collets

ISCAR introduces a new FLEXFIT Head with additional ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32 collets with minimum overhang.

ISCAR expands its solid FLEXFIT collet line with specially designed tools featuring a short overhang to fit into tight spaces.

Multi-spindle and Swiss-type machines are commonly used in various applications and generally have limited internal space. As the space for tools is tight, the assembled length needs to be short to avoid possible collisions and enable easy clamping and setup.

  • Compact design - reduces the chances of interference during the machining process.
    The new ER ODP product line is perfect for Swiss-Type machines and small to medium size multi-tasking machines.
  • Solid ER Connection - suitable for numerous ER Collet chucks and ensures higher run-out and rigid clamping compared to the ER spring collet.

  • Ideal for small turn-mill machines
  • Provides higher rigidity and increased accuracy
  • Supports all types of FLEXFIT tools
  • Better clamping force
  • Consistent repeatability
  • Internal cooling
  • Non pull-out

FLEXFIT Threaded Adaptation with Integral ER Collet for ER Collet Chucks

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