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ISCAR Iberica AS

ISCAR IBERICA is well known as one of the leading suppliers of metal cutting tools in the country. The company is far more than just a supplier.
The many ISCAR value-added benefits, in addition to its multitude of innovative cutting tools, have made the company an industrial leader.
ISCAR IBERICA conducts regular customer training in its ultramodern multimedia seminar facilities and on-site technical center.
When it is more convenient, these seminars are conducted in the customers’ facilities, providing the added benefit of training on the customer’s own equipment. Next-day delivery of standard tools allows ISCAR’s customers to minimize their inventories.
ISCAR engineers provide their Spanish customers with valuable information on innovative manufacturing procedures designed specifically to enhance productivity, thereby reducing production costs. An ISCAR customer service representative or engineering specialist is as close as your telephone, fax or e-mail.

Spain Manager
Mr. Jaime Samon
General Manager
Spain Manager
Antonio Vinas

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ISCAR Spain Additional Information

Parc Tecnològic del Vallès
Avda.Univ.Autònoma 19-21
08290 Cerdanyola-
Tel:+34 93 594 6484
Fax:+34 93 582 4458
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