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ISCAR Portugal SA

In 2005, ISCAR PORTUGAL was created to provide its customers with the highest quality product and significantly improved the services it provided through the direct support of ISCAR, Israel and the group that leads IMC.
Real savings are obtained by optimizing machining processes: chip extraction, saving downtime, …, which leads to a reduction in cost/part, within our maximum quality parameters.
The Portuguese market sees itself included in all these developments because, within this policy of demand for excellence, Iscar Portugal was integrated into Iscar Ibérica.
Our intentions are simple, to use the existing elements to build a solid and efficient building to, in the short term, reach the level of leadership in Portugal that Iscar already has in other countries.

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ISCAR Portugal Additional Information
Avd.Dr.Domingos Caetano de Sousa, Fracção B, Nº 541
4520-165 Santa Maria da Feira
Tel.: + 351 256579950
Fax: + 351 256586764
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