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ISCAR Andina

ISCAR ANDINA S.A.S is the subsidiary for the Andean Region.

Started operation in April, 2019 for providing support to customers in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. ISCAR ANDINA has a team of sales engineers and manufacturing specialists with more than 35 years of experience in the metalworking industry.
Our processes are handled by a professional management, logistics and control software system, which help us to provide accurate and precise information to our customers about our products, special tool developments and availability in all distribution centers and other subsidiaries worldwide. At ISCAR we care about productivity, helping our clients reduce their cycle times per piece produced and improving the production capacity of their machines, making them more profitable.

ISCAR ANDINA offers a highly and complete line of tools for the entire metalworking industry supported by our commitment where INNOVATION NEVER STOPS.

Hoover Restrepo
Hoover Restrepo
Office Manager


ISCAR Colombia Additional Information

Autopista Medellin KM 3.5
CEM Of B17
Bogota D.C.
Phone: +57 1 821 93 38
mobile: +57 310 380 9932
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