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NPA 009/2020 Revised


IC908 Grade Option for the New Double Chamfer Guide Pads


Due to the significant advantages of double chamfer guide pads for deep hole tools, the line is being expanded to include an IC908 grade option.

The double chamfer at the edge of the guide pad helps smooth entry into the machining hole, prevents premature wear, reduces the risk of guide pad damage, and improves surface finish by minimizing the risk of scratching the hole surface.

Double chamfer guide pads will be launched with the IC908 grade, which provides excellent wear resistance, while IC928 (launched previously) provides excellent toughness, especially with waterbased coolant.
Suitable for all deep drilling families - Tri-Fine, Fine-Beam, UNIDEX (STS/DTS)

Production category: Guide pads for indexable insert drills
Application areas: Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, heat resistant superalloys
Diameter range: Ø12.00 mm - Ø293.99 mm
Target markets: Die & mold, heavy equipment, power generation, automotive oil & gas, and aerospace


  • IC908 and IC928 offers outstanding fracture resistance in oil and water-soluble environments
  • Adopting a double chamfer greatly reduces the risk of chipping when entering a machined hole

* Single chamfer guide pads will be phased out by June 2021

Double Chamfer

Guide pads

Guide pads are subject to wear, like inserts.
Each guide pad can be used on two sides. When the first corner wears out 70% of the width, reverse the guide pad to use the second corner.
- Replace with a new guide pad when the second corner wears out.

Wear on the 1st corner
Reverse and use the 2nd corner
For higher wear resistance
- High wear-resistant grade
First recommendation
- Suitable for various workpiece materials
- Long tool life due to unique substrate and coating
For higher fracture resistance
- High fracture-resistant grade

  • Guide pads with high fracture resistance for use in oil and water-soluble environments
  • Dedicated carbide substrate has superior resistance to fracture and thermal cracks
  • Double-chamfer geometry improves surface finish and tool life


Deep Drilling Solid Carbide Guide Pads
*DC- Double Chamfer

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