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Option 1

Range: 25-50mm (.984-1.968”)

The drills are available in a diameter range of 26 to 50 mm and drilling depth of 5xD, 7xD and 8xD. These drills feature a pilot SUMOCHAM IQ drilling head and standard SOGX/SOGT square precision ground inserts with a wiper in various sizes, made from IC808 SUMO TEC PVD coated grade. As the drill is fully effective, it enables high feed drilling, providing high drilling rates, and high accuracy and surface finish.

Recommended grade IC908


Option 2

Range: Ø12 - 80 mm (Ø.472 - 3.15”)

The economical yet efficient DR-TWIST line provides a near perfect solution for machining big diameters when powerful machinery is not available. Twisted flutes and coolant holes enable easy chip evacuation and robust body structure with great resistance to torsion. The drill body is designed to accommodate from 2 to 4 square inserts with four cutting edges each. Once the edge wears out, the inserts can be easily rotated and continue the drilling process. The inserts can be selected from the variety of chip breakers geometry and grades, depending on the application. This line is an excellent choice when drilling applications include angular/concave/convex points of entry and exit and it is suitable for interrupted drilling.

Recommended grade IC808

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