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NPA 16/2020

New MULTI-MASTER Blank Heads


New blank heads expand the application field of MULTI-MASTER products

Following customer demand, ISCAR is expanding the range of MULTI-MASTER products by introducing new MM TC …. blank heads made from uncoated cemented carbide. These semifinished heads have two sections: a disk-shape front section with a TORX recess on the face and a rear section for MULTI-MASTER shaped adaptation.

The new heads are intended for producing various special items suitable for mounting on MULTI-MASTER shanks at the customer’s machine shop. These items are designed for milling slots, grooves, threads, gears and splines, chamfers, specific profiles and many more.

We believe that introducing the new heads will be a great help in customizing or manufacturing special MULTI-MASTER products.

The data that characterizes the blank heads is shown in the table below.
Interchangeable Cemented Carbide Blank Heads
• Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection
(1) Torque Key size

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