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NPA 17/2020

Expansion of the Anti-Vibration Boring Bar Line with Ø80mm Shanks and Exchangeable Turning Heads


ISCAR continues to expand its range of WHISPERLINE boring bars with Ø80mm shanks and suitable turning heads.

ISCAR is expanding the successful WHISPERLINE anti-vibration line. ISCAR now offers new 80mm shanks and exchangeable turning heads for a variety of standard ISO inserts.

The shanks working depths are 7x and 10x shank diameter.

As with the existing anti-vibration boring bars, these shanks can carry different heads for most popular insert geometries, enabling great flexibility and covering a wide range of applications.

In addition to the variety of exchangeable turning heads, ISCAR offers a new housing adapter (AVC-D80-2020-80-VH) specially designed to carry standard 20x20 tool holders for machining relatively big diameters.

General technical information related to WHISPERLINE can be found in the WHISPERLINE Reference Guide and in NPA 27-2017.
Anti-Vibration Bars with Through Coolant for Interchangeable Turning Heads
• The bars can be shortened. For details, see table below
(1) Maximum overhang

Interchangeable Boring Heads for 55° Rhombic Inserts

Interchangeable Boring Heads Carrying 55° Rhombic Inserts with 7° Clearance

Interchangeable Boring Heads Carrying 35° Rhombic Inserts with 7° Clearance

Perpendicular Adaptor for External Square-Shank Tools

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