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NPA 41/2020

New Intermediate Holders for TANG-F-GRIP and DO-F-GRIP Square Type D82.
Adapters Designed for all Modular Tooling Systems.


ISCAR is adding new intermediate holders for TANG-F-GRIP and DO-F-GRIP square type D82 adapters, designed for all modular systems and suitable for CNC and multi-spindle machines.

Following the successful launch of modular adaptations for tool holder systems that can carry ISCAR’s MODULAR-GRIP parting adapters (see NPA 46-2016 link), ISCAR has designed new intermediate holders for Tang-F-Grip and Do-F-Grip square type D82 adapters.

No.Item Designation
1Base Holder
2O-Ring for Intermediate Holder
3Intermediate Holder
4Adjustment Screw for Center Height
5Mounting Screw for Intermediate Holder
7Sealing Screws For intermediate Holder
8O-Ring for F Grip Adapter pocket
9Pin for F Grip Adapter
10Mounting Screw M4 for F Grip Adapter
11Sealing Screws M4
12Sealing Washer
13F Grip Adapter

  • An intermediate holder holder with captive adaptation for quad/square type adapters with 4 pockets for 82 mm bar diameters
  • Designed to carry the standard TGAQ D82 adapters for TANG-GRIP inserts and DGAQ D82 adapters for DO-GRIP inserts
  • Suitable for all standard TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP inserts in widths of 2 - 5 mm
  • Outstanding stability, vibration-free parting system due to full support under the adapter
  • Improved insert life, surface finish, and workpiece straightness due to robust design
  • Enables reduction of cutting width due to excellent stability, leading to material savings
  • An 82 mm bar can be cut with a very stable 2 mm Tang-Grip insert
  • Guarantees high productivity, especially when using TAG N…HF inserts with feeds of up to 0.4 mm/rev
  • Economical adapters with 4 pockets
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Saves setup time after pocket replacement - adapter can be positioned in a new pocket with no setup
  • The tools and adapters are designed for JET-CUT cooling of up to 140 bar, and very efficient when cutting at 7-10 bar
  • Suitable for all type of CNC and suitable for all types of CNC and multi-spindle

Order Procedure
Please contact the nearest ISCAR representative.

V## SQ#-#-D82-JHP
Intermediate Holders for TANG-F-GRIP and DO-F-GRIP Square Type D82 Adapters
Designed for Modular Tooling Systems
(1) When 3mm width insert is used.

Identification Key
L- Holder (prism) orientation
L- Pocket side
L- Holder (prism) orientation
R- Pocket side
R- Holder (prism) orientation
L- Pocket side
R- Holder (prism) orientation
R- Pocket side

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