NPA 09/2019 INCH


    New Solid Carbide 7 Flute CHATTERFREE Endmills with Chip-Splitting Cutting Edge

    ISCAR is expanding the SOLIDMILL line of 7-flute CHATTERFREE solid carbide endmills by adding tools with chip-splitting cutting edges.

    The new ECP-H7-CF family features 4xD and 6xD cutting length to diameter ratios for .25” to .625” diameter tools and 4xD for .750” diameter tools.

    The new chip-splitting solid carbide endmills are intended for rough to semi finish machining at high cutting speed and can also be applied to high speed milling (HSM) operations. ECP-H7-CF endmills provide an improved performance and higher versatility than the already available tools, which have a cutting edges without chip-spiltting groves tools especialy at high tool overhang.

    Designation key code
    Nominal tool diameter
    Maximum D.O.C.
    Shank diameter

    Main Product Features
    • 7 flute different helix and variable pitch solid carbide endmills with chip-splitting geometry for rough to semi-finish operations as well as HSM by trochoidal method
    • Unique design of chip-splitting grooves on the cutting edge provides satisfactory surface finish for most requirements
    • Enlarged chip flute for effective chip evacuation
    • Produced from IC902, an ultra-fine carbide grade with TiAlN PVD coating for machining hardened steel
    • h6 shank tolerance

    • Very high productivity on most material types
    • Excellent chip evacuation
    • Low cutting forces
    • Designed mainly for rough to semi-finish operations, it also provides a satisfactory surface finish even at maximum ap
    • High performance in a wide range of machining speeds
    • Optimal flute design delivering maximum metal removal rates

    ECP-H7 after 10 min milling alloy steel SAE4340
    EC-H7 after 10 min milling
    Application Instructions
    When using an endmill that is longer than necessary, it is less rigid and requires reducing the cutting conditions. The new cutting length options with chip-splitting provide an optimal tool for very high-speed machining and enable machining even under less favorable conditions.

    Width of cut (ae) should be set depending on the cutting length:
    • For endmills with 4xD cutting length - up to 0.25xD max. according to system stability
    • For endmills with 6xD cutting length - up to 0.1xD max. according to system stability

    Cutting data
    The attached table provides estimated starting cutting data. For machining in unstable conditions, the table data should be reduced by 20-30%.

    ChatterFree and Chip-Splitting -
    A Winning Combination!

    7 Flute Solid Carbide Endmills with Different Helix, Variable Pitch and Chip Splitting Cutting Edges
    (1) Number of flutes

    Table - Average Cutting Data for ECPI-H7….

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