NPA 11/2019


    Hydraulic Chuck for all Applications:
    Milling (Roughing, Finishing), Drilling, Tapping and Reaming

    ISCAR is expanding the HYDROFIT product line by introducing new Heavy Duty hydraulic chucks for all applications.
    The new HYDROFIT HD chucks are available with BT, DIN69871 and HSK shanks.

    • Longer tool life compared to all other clamping systems
    • Reduced tool costs
    • Compact design
    • High torque transmission
    • Best surface finish - no chatter marks
    • Excellent vibration damping
    • Runout accuracy < 0.003 mm
    • Fast tool change
    • Suitable for all all types of shanks, including shanks with flat surfaces


    Suitable for difficult high-volume machining, with up to 2,000 Nm torque with Ø32 mm (in dry clamping conditions).

    Outstanding vibration damping for best workpiece surfaces and long-lasting runout for high dimensional accuracy.

    Excellent performance due to vibration damping and runout accuracy < 0.003 mm

    Ideal for tapping with its high torques and outstanding vibration damping.

    Technical data

    Clamping Ø max. r.p.m. in min–1
    L1 up to125 mm
    Admissible transmissible torque (Shank minimum size h6) Minimum clamping depth Admissible radial force F at the toolholder at an overhang of 50 mm Shank-Ø L in mm
    Ø 12 50000 110 Nm 36 mm 975 N 12h6
    Ø 16 50000 350 Nm 39 mm 2115 N 16h6
    Ø 20 50000 520 Nm* 41 mm 2790 N 20h6
    Ø 32 25000 900 Nm** 51 mm 9750 N 32h6

    * BT 30, HSK50, C4: 400 Nm
    ** C6, Ø32: 800 Nm

    Operating temperature: 20-50°C
    Max. coolant pressure: 80 bar
    Adjustment range of the length adjustment: 10 mm


    High torque of up to 900 Nm (Ø 20) and 2,000 Nm (Ø 32) for highest volume machining
    Due to the compact design, holding forces and a high torque transmission are guaranteed.

    Highest material removal rate.

    High radial rigidity for better part geometry accuracy
    The optimal radial rigidity, which results from the robust tool holder body, prevents lateral deflection during metal cutting.

    High part accuracy geometry at the workpiece and highest material removal rates e.g. 400 cm³/min (25 in³/min) with 42CrM04 (4140)*.
    * depending on the machine tool and the tool

    Permanent runout accuracy of less than 0.003 mm – without any fluctuations
    This ensures best surface results due to a uniform cutting action and highest reproducibility.

    Safe and precise machining.

    Excellent vibration damping
    The hydraulic system absorbs vibrations, assuring smooth running and the best workpiece surfaces.

    High surface quality
    Machine spindle is protected from damage
    Increase in service life

    Tool change within seconds for easy handling
    Turn the actuation screw with an Allen key to the dead stop.
    The clamping results in a runout accuracy of less than 0.003 mm without the need for additional peripheral equipment.

    Time savings due to reduced setup times and no investment costs for additional clamping devices.

    All shaft types can be clamped
    All tools (Ø 3 to 32 mm) with a smooth cylinder shank, as well as recesses according to DIN 1835 Form B, E and DIN 6535 Form HB, HE, can be clamped directly with or without intermediate sleeves.

    No additional costs for new tools.

    Suitable for HSC / HPC machining – precision-balanced as standard
    With a balancing grade G2.5 at 25,000 rpm, the HSK-A 63 version for high speeds is perfectly suitable for HPC / HSC machining centers.

    Perfect for HSK high speed spindles.

    The sealed system blocks the penetration of dirt, coolant, lubricants or chips. The clamping area will not be damaged and proper function is guaranteed.

    Maintenance-free and a long service life.

    Innovative Hydraulic Expansion Technology

    • 1. Actuation screw
      The actuation piston is moved with the actuation screw and can be tightened to a dead stop without a torque wrench.
    • 2. Actuation piston
      The actuation piston compresses the hydraulic fluid into the chamber system.
    • 3. Clamping sleeve and chamber system
      The clamping sleeve expands against the tool shank. This clamping process first centers the tool shank before fully clamping it over the whole surface. The chamber system fills with hydraulic fluid, exerting a damping effect on the clamped tool. Wear on the cutting edge of the tool is minimized and service life is increased by up to 40 %.
    • 4. Toolholder body
      The body includes the machine interface, e.g. HSK, SK, JIS-BT, CAT, etc.
    • 5. Length adjustment screw
      For fast and easy presetting.
    • 6. Tool
      The tool is clamped centrically to the center axis – highest runout and repeat accuracy of less than 0.003 mm
    • 7. Groove
      The enormous clamping pressure of the HYDROFIT HD chuck creates a displacement of oil, grease, or lubricant residues into the groove, causing surfaces to remain dry.

    Heavy Duty, Short Hydraulic Chucks With HSK DIN69893 Form A Shanks

    * Optional, should be ordered separately

    Heavy Duty, Short Hydraulic Chucks With BT Form ADB Shanks

    * Optional, should be ordered separately

    DIN69871-HYDRO HD
    Heavy Duty, Short Hydraulic Chucks With DIN69871 form ADB shanks

    * Optional, should be ordered separately

    Care, Storage and Maintenance

    • To secure the clamping force, clean the clamping bore and groove after every tool change (use a cleaning agent that contains solvents)
    • Before storage, the whole surface should be oiled slightly
    • Always stock the chucks in an unclamped position and protected against corrosion
    • Depending on environmental conditions, it may be necessary to adjust cleaning and lubrication of the actuation screw correspondingly, particularly in cases of a high number of clamping cycles, high operating temperature, abrasive dirt or swarf For optimal lubrication of the actuation screw, we recommend the use of copper paste MOLYKOTE CU 7439 (100 g tube)
    • Basic repairs should be performed at ISCAR


    The warranty period for HYDROFIT HD chucks is 12 months after delivery date from factory, assuming appropriate use and respecting the recommended operating and maintenance regulations. Basic tool and machine contact components and wear parts (actuation screw and seal) are not part of the warranty.

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