NPA 001/2020 INCH


Center Height Setup Device for
Anti-Vibration Boring Bars


ISCAR introduces a new device designed to simplify the process of WHISPERLINE boring bar center line adjustment.

As WHISPERLINE boring bars are made as cylindrical shanks without flats, which exist on all our standard steel and solid carbide boring bars, it is quite difficult to set up the tool precisely in the machine center line.
Adjusting such tools requires long and precious setup time. Therefore we designed a unique device to simplify and to shorten the process of setting our tools in the center line.

The new device is a user-friendly and simple to use serrated head, that can be simply connected to the WHISPERLINE boring bars by its serration and a magnetic core that will ensure safe and accurate position of the adjusting head to the shank.

  • Serrated head with magnetic core ensures fixed position of the head on the shank
  • The setting head is simply connected to the shank without screws
  • A flat surface on the head will easily enable adjustment of the boring bar in the center by using a standard indicator
  • Significant time saving can be achieved by using this unique setting head
  • High setting accuracy can be easily attained to ensure excellent performance of the WHISPERLINE boring bars

The center height adjustment device is available in 2 sizes:
AVC-SET 16-25- to fit 0.625, 0.750 and 1.00 inch shank diameter.
AVC-SET 32-60- to fit 1.25, 1.50, 2.00 and 2.50 inch shank diameter.

Flat surface

Center Height Adjustment Device

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