NPA 34/2020

Deep Hole Drilling Heads Expansion of TPMX Inserts with New Grade IC806


New PVD Grade IC806 dedicated for drilling heat resistant superalloys and difficult-to-cut steels

Carbide grade IC806 shows a significant increase in tool life (more than double when compared with IC908) in drilling heat resistant superalloys (HRSA), titanium and austenitic stainless steel, including difficult-to-cut duplex and super duplex stainless steel (ISO S group), IC806 has proved its effectiveness when drilling hard steel and cast iron (ISO H group).
Grade IC806 also may be considered as an optional carbide grade when drilling steel and cast iron (ISO P and ISO K groups correspondingly).

In addition, the line of “B” type chip formers has been expanded with an new increased corner radius, to match other chip formers in the family.

The new grade IC806 will be applied to all TPMX inserts (sizes and chip formers).

General Data

Production category: Indexable insert drill for BTA machines
Application areas: Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, heat resistant super alloys, titanium and stainless steels (ISO S group)
Diameter range: Ø38.00 mm - Ø293.99 mm
Target markets: Die & mold, heavy equipment, power generation, and other heavy industries
Potential competitors: Brazed gundrills, BTA drills

  • IC806 is a PVD coated grade that ensures excellent adhesion to the substrate to provide hardness and wear resistance for improved tool life
  • Inserts with large corner radius combined with “B” type chip breaker, improve fracture resistance and prolong tool life during machining of HRSAs

Chip Breaker Selection
Versatile Good chip control for heat-resistant alloy
Chip control for difficult-to-cut steel To reduce machine load

Inserts for Drilling Heads DSD-EC / DDD-EC / DSD-IC / DSC-EC / DSC-IC

Insert Selection Guide

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