NPA 47/2020

    New HELIDO-490-17 Face Mill Cutter


    ISCAR expands the product range for indexable HELIDO-490-17 face mill cutters with double sided square inserts. These inserts fit the new extra fine pitch face milling cutter which has 5 cutting teeth.

    The new 50mm face milling cutter mounts the popular HELIDO490-17 inserts. The cutters are designed for high productivity milling, and now available with 5 teeth which feature higher metal removal rates and high surface finish.

    Cutter features
    • Shell mill design configuration.
    • High tooth density.
    • Advanced cutting geometry with improved chip evacuation and low cutting forces.
    • Ramp down capabilities.
    • Coolant holes directed to each insert cutting edge. Effective coolant supply guaranteed through the cutter body.
    • Protective coating provides smooth chip flow and tool body resistance to wear and corrosion.

    • Suitable for milling a variety of steels, hardened steels, stainless steel, cast iron, high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals.
    • The new milling cutter is excellent for milling slots, planes and side plunging.
    • Mounting H490 ANKX 1706…FF inserts enables fast feed and ramp down milling with helical interpolations.

    • Higher productivity.
    • Improved surface finish.
    • Reduces cutting forces.

    The new cutter design with 5 teeth is an addition to the 3 and 4 flute cutters. This new tool will provide a complete solution for face milling with better process control.

    In stock.

    H490 F90AX-17
    90° Face Mills Carrying H490 ANKX 17.. Double-Sided Rectangular Inserts with 4 Helical Cutting Edges
    • Ramping angle is valid only when H490 ANKX 1706R15T-FF insert is used (tool diameter is then 1.5 mm larger)
    (1) For internal coolant through the holder, use a matching coolant set (should be ordered separately)
    (2) Number of inserts
    (3) Maximum ramping angle
    (4) 0 - Without coolant supply, 1 - With coolant supply

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