NPA 27/2020

    New Profile Milling Cutters Carrying Round Ceramic Inserts


    Following growing market demands for efficient machining of difficult-to-cut high temperature superalloys and other engineering materials, ISCAR is introducing new milling cutters carrying double-sided round inserts made from ceramics.

    The new cutters are intended mostly for rough and semi-finish milling of planes and 3D surfaces at extremely high cutting speeds. The more common applications include machining faces, cavities, pockets, and shoulders. The cutters are available in shell mill configurations in 50, 63 and 80 mm diameters.

    Cutter Body Features
    • More teeth increase productivity and higher feed rate capability
    • Low-wearing design due to superior toughness and high resistance to abrasive and chemical wear
    • Coating of the cutter body facilitates chip flow and protects against corrosion and wear
    • Wedge design can supply airflow directed to each cutting edge

    The economical double-sided round inserts are made from the following cutting ceramic grades:
    • IS25 and IS35 - SiAlON
    • IN22 and IN23 - “black” ceramics
    • IW7 - whisker reinforced ceramics
    The inserts feature superior cutting-edge integrity while ensuring impressive wear-resisting properties when machining at high cutting speeds and high feed rates.

    Insert Features
    • Durable structure
    • Double-sided design for high ceramics utilization
    • Excellent wear resistance and thermal shock resistance
    • High fracture toughness
    • Available in 3 design options according to cutting edge preparation:
      honed, chamfered (T-land), and combined (chamfered and honed)

    Application Notes
    • Main ISO groups of application: S (high temperature Ni- and Co-based superalloys), K (cast iron) and H (hard materials). Cutters carrying inserts from the grade IN23 can be also successfully applied to productive milling steel parts (ISO P group)
    • Industries: the main fields of application relate to aerospace, power generation, and marine engineering
    • Examples of the machined parts: blades, airfoils, discs, shafts, casings, high-strength wear-resistant components
    • Dry coolant only. Using a wet coolant is prohibited due to its negative impact on performance and insert tool life!
    • Insert tightening torque: the insert should be secured by applying tightening torque 4.8 Nm

    Due to the advanced design, the new cutters feature more teeth in comparison with the same diameter tools that are provided by main competitors. This is an important advantage that represents an additional source for increasing productivity in milling difficult-to-cut materials

    Machining data
    The attached tables provide recommendations regarding selecting a more suitable ceramic grade, cutting-edge-preparation type and machining data. For milling in unstable conditions, the limit values of cutting speeds and feeds in the table data should be reduced by 20-30%.

    maximum productivity and dramatic reduction
    in cycle time in milling!

    Face Mill for Wedge-Clamped Double-Sided Round Insert
    • Radius for programing: 6.35
    (1) Cutting diameter maximum   (2) Number of inserts   (3) For interpolation   (4) For interpolation   (5) Maximum ramping angle

    (a) Recommended tightening torque:4.8 Nm

    Round Double-Sided Ceramic Inserts
    (1) Insert with a dimple

    Recommended ceramic grade and machining data for milling
    *According to VDI 3323 standard.
    Recommended range of depth of cut is 0.5-3 mm.
    The attached table provides recommended machining data. For milling in unstable conditions the limit values in the table data should be reduced by 20-30%.

    Edge preparation types
    Most recommended
    Second choice
    May be used

      Competitor ISCAR
    Tool Ø50 FRN D038A050-05-22-12 (Ø50)
    Number of teeth 4 5
    Insert RNGN 1207 RNGN 120700T
    Grade SiAION IN22
    Vc (m/min) 700 900
    Fz (mm/t) 0.1 0.1
    Vf (mm/min) 1783 2866
    n (rpm) 4458 5732
    Ae (mm) 35 35
    Ap (mm) 1 1
    Q (cm³/min) 62 100
    Tool life (min/corner) 15 35
    Workpiece DIN GGG 50 170-240HB
    ApplicationShoulder milling

      Competitor ISCAR
    Tool Ø63 FRN D051A063-06-22-12 (Ø63)
    Number of teeth 5 6
    Insert RNGN 1207 RNGN 120700T
    Grade SiAION IN35
    Vc (m/min) 900 1200
    Fz (mm/t) 0.15 0.15
    Vf (mm/min) 3412 5460
    n (rpm) 4549 6066
    Ae (mm) 35 35
    Ap (mm) 2.5 2.5
    Q (cm³/min) 300 470
    Tool life (min/corner) 10 10
    Workpiece Inconel 718
    ApplicationFace milling

    ToolFRN D038A050-05-22-12 (Ø50)
    Number of teeth5
    InsertRNGN 120700T
    Vc (m/min)400
    Fz (mm/t)0.10
    Vf (mm/min)1273
    n (rpm)2547
    Ae (mm)35
    Ap (mm)1
    Q (cm³/min)44.6
    Tool life (min/corner)50
    Workpiece AISI 4340 HRC 24-29
    ApplicationShoulder milling

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