NPA 49/2020

    ISCAR is Expanding the Range of HELI2000 High-Pressure Coolant Tools for Milling


    ISCAR is expanding its HELI2000 family of indexable milling cutters to provide:
    • Longer tool life
    • Higher metal removal rates
    • Larger radial engagement (ae)
    • Improved chip control and chip evacuation

    The new HELI2000 expanded tool line has been specially designed to meet the demands for machining titanium alloys and high-temperature superalloys (HTSA), which are widely used in the aerospace and power generation industries. The new tools with pinpointed coolant guarantee high thermal conductivity in most materials when milling at low cutting speeds.

    ISCAR’s newly improved technological capabilities and advanced rotating tool designs deliver optimized high-pressure coolant (HPC) for machining titanium alloys and high temperature superalloys.

    Pinpointed HPC can significantly reduce the temperature at the cutting edge by applying constant, direct coolant flow to the cutting edge of the insert. This contributes to increasing the cutting conditions and creating larger radial engagement, which results in higher metal removal rates (MRR).
    HPC also creates tighter and curled chips, enables tool designs with smaller chip gullets and higher flute density.
    The new expanded HELI2000 HPC line is designed to mount HELI2000 and HELIMILL standard insert sizes.

    This new tool design functions with lower coolant pressure and achieves better results compared to conventional tools.

    The cutters are available in the following design configurations:
    • Endmills with MULTI-MASTER and FLEXFIT threaded adaptation
    • Face mills with a central bore

    Product features
    • Pinpointed coolant flow directed to each cutting edge
    • True 90° shoulder milling
    • Ramp down capabilities
    • Protective coating on the tool’s surface sustains wear and corrosion

    Cutting recommendations
    For cutting speeds and feeds, see insert recommendations:
    HM90 ADC…1505…/HM90 ADK…1505…/HM90 APC…1003…/HM90 APK…1003…

    • Rough deep shouldering and slotting applications
    • Ramp down abilities include ramping by use of helical interpolation
    • Excellent for milling titanium and high-temperature superalloys
    • The new cutters are also suitable for machining stainless steel and steel

    • Increased tool life - achieved by reducing temperature on the cutting zone
    • Increased productivity - achieved by increasing the cutting parameters
    • Improved chip formation control - less chip entanglement and reduced risk of machine stops
    • Better surface finish
    • Higher process reliability
    • HPC reduces built-up edge, especially when machining high-temperature superalloys and stainless steel

    • Reduced metal removal costs
    • Enables increased cutting parameters, which contributes to a larger MRR
    • The internal coolant ducts have no effect on the strength of the tool holder
    • The HELI2000 HPC tool design is made with the latest innovative technology and significantly reduces sharp edges, lowers stresses on the tool holder pocket
    • The MULTI-MASTER and FLEXFIT tool holders are very versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of holders
    • Tools with HPC ducts perform better than conventional tools when the coolant pressure is lower
    • Lower temperature at the cutting edge results in lower flank wear
    • Due to the constant coolant flow, increased tool life and less susceptibility to thermal cracks

    Test Results
    Cutting conditions: fz=.00315 inch/tooth, ap=.118”, ae=0.7xD, Ti6Al4V
    Tool Life (min.)
    more tool life
    more tool life
    more tool life
     Competitor vs.
    HM90 E90A D16-2-MMT10-JHP
    Insert HM90 APCT 100308-HP IC380
    vc=200 (sfm)
    Tool diameter D=.630”
    Competitor vs.
    HM90 E90A D20-3-MMT12-JHP
    Insert HM90 APCT 100308-HP IC380
    vc=200 (sfm)
    Tool diameter D=.787”
    Competitor vs.
    HM90 F90A D50-05-22-JHP
    Insert HM90 ADCT 150508R-T IC380
    vc=200 (sfm)
    Tool diameter D=1.968”
    Conventional design (min.)16.91710.4
    With HPC (min.)38.23426.6

    New milling cutters with HPC
    increased tool life, lower costs!

    HM90 E90A-MM-10-JHP
    90° JHP Endmills With a MULTI-MASTER Threaded Adaptation Carrying HELI2000 and HELIMILL Inserts
    • Do not apply lubricant to the MULTI-MASTER threaded connection
    (1) Number of inserts
    (2) Maximum ramping angle
    (3) Tool tightening torque (lbfxin)
    (4) Torque key size
    (5) Master insert identification

    (a) Recommended tightening torque for this item: 10.6 lbfxin

    HM90 E90AD-M-15-JHP
    90° JHP Endmills With a FLEXFIT Threaded Adaptation Carrying HELI2000 and HELIMILL Inserts
    • When mounting items with FLEXFIT threaded adaptation to their holders, the mating surfaces and threaded areas must be thoroughly cleaned. Apply appropriate tightening torque to eliminate a gap between the mating faces. Estimated torque values are specified in the TQ_3 parameter
    (1) Number of inserts
    (2) Maximum ramping angle
    (3) Torque key size
    (4) Tool tightening torque (lbfxin)
    (5) Master insert identification

    (a) Recommended tightening torque for this item: 42.5 lbfxin

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