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SEM…C Shell MillEndmill Holders with Internal Coolant Holes

Due to a growing demand from various industries and since there are many face mills with coolant holes available in the market, ISCAR expanded the range of holders for face milling cutters with coolant holes by adding internal coolant DIN69871 40 & 50 and BT 40 & 50 holders.

The shell mill holders enable coolant flow to reach each insert directly, to efficiently cool the cutting zone. This is a much more efficient method than external coolant flow. It extends tool life and improves performance in various milling applications.

  • Prolonged insert life (especially when milling titanium and aluminum)
  • Symmetrical design – may be used at high RPM
  • New heavy duty driving keys for higher torque transfer
  • Dramatically improved chip evacuation
  • Improved surface finish

In addition to the symmetrical design, the holders are also dynamically balanced:
DIN69871 40 - G2.5 @ 20,000 RPM
DIN69871 50 - G2.5 @ 15,000 RPM
BT 40 - G2.5 @ 20,000 RPM
BT 50 - 62.5 @ 15,000 RPM

ISCAR also provides clamping screws to secure face mill cutters on shell mill adapters with adjustable protrusion nozzles. These screws can be used either with the new shell endmill holders, or face mill holders.
The holders are designated with a ‘C’ suffix for example: DIN69871 40 SEM 22x100 C

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