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Highly Rigid Profiling Tools for Accurate Contours

ISCAR is introducing the SDNCN 2525M-13-SL screw lock toolholder for 55° diamond inserts with a 7° clearance angle. A long groove on the pocket and a matching ridge at the insert bottom ensure high rigidity in profiling applications.

The new design ensures high edge location after indexing and no backlash when changing machining direction, as required in profiling applications.

The new DCMT 13T5..-F3P 55° rhombic positive flank inserts with new F3P and M3M chipformers were designed for semi-finishing and finishing of steel and stainless steel.
A ridge at the insert bottom which fits onto a long groove on the tool’s seat ensures high edge location precision.

The new design enables machining at high chip load, thus reducing machining cycle time while maintaining high profile accuracy.
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